Apaz Textile I Turkish Shirt and Blazer Manufacturer I Producer for Men and Women | Manufacturing
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We have a dedicated team who follows every step from sampling till shipment ..      

We work with the latest technologies and equipments and combine it with the knowledge and experience of traditional practices. A good patterns is the key for a good product!

We have our own  established fit blocks and patterns for all the products we produce so if our customer does not have their own measurement charts/ patterns/ or specific demands , they can choose from our fit portfolio for their orders…

We respond fast to sampling demands thanks to our flexible set up


We are experts in shirts, men suits and jackets and actually each of these products require a different handling at every stage . 


For suits we have a seperate attelier , where all operators are with years of experience.  Because we know: no matter the technologies you use, a perfect suit comes out from the hands of experienced operators!!

For blazer production , same as for suits , perfection comes from experience ! And we are the experts in it wit years of experience!

For shirts we have 3 atelliers so we can give the RIGHT service needed for requested price levels as well as requested quality level and requested order quanities…

We produce both padded and un padded jackets .

Once sewing is finished every garment goes through finishing and quality control before being packed.